Shenandoah Reminiscence

I find that I’m not in a rush to get to bed when we are on the road. At home, with all the stressors of our day to day routine, it’s easy for me to want to lay down as soon as dinner is done and forget everything that transpired during the day. I already feel like I’m so far removed from that mindset. 

As a matter of fact, what inspired me to write this evening was laying down after an exciting, curveball of a rainy day and reminiscing on how well our audibles served us. A drive out of Shenandoah National Park to Luray Caverns got us out of the rain and satisfied our desire to hike. We were also able to visit Harrisonburg, a nearby college town, to enjoy some great burgers and take care of a few shopping needs (and wants.) An added bonus was an unexpected tour of a vintage car museum accessible to those who purchased cavern tickets. 

I lay here happy with where my mind is.  Everything we have experienced thus far has led me closer to that place I have been yearning to be. We have been active almost everyday. The drives this year are much shorter which means a lot more time with our feet on the ground. Yes, I am still in pain, but it’s no worse than before. I am feeling better mentally, and that’s more than half the battle. 

Our show stops included Martinsville and Charlottesville. We were able to spend quality time with some friends at their home on Smith Mountain Lake for a couple of days before the Martinsville show, and I must say that after only 48 hours, our new friends feel like family. The community of Martinsville has big love for New Orleans, it’s music, and the players that create it. I felt that 5 years ago when I routed through there with the NIA, and I felt it again there last week. 

The show in Charlottesville was a trip back to some of my roots with a backyard crawfish boil hosted by an old West Bank friend. Being able to reconnect with old friends is always a hoot, and in this instance, I was able to observe the life they have created away from New Orleans, surrounded by beautiful friends and family. It’s makes me smile knowing that the members of our tribe are out there in the world, growing their family. 

It was bittersweet as we left both Martinsville and Charlottesville, but the mountains were calling. We are wrapping up day three in Shenandoah, and it has been magical. While the terrain here is mostly different from what we’ve experienced out west, there are a few aspects that remind me of some of our western explorations. Our hikes have been rocky and technical at times, and the climate is strangely cool and humid which reminded of some of microclimates we were introduced to in both Mt Rainier and Olympic National Parks. We have a couple more days here before we head back to West Virginia for The Bosley Family Reunion 2022. 

I’m yawning as I type, so I’ll sign off for now. Thanks for reading, and remember to be kind to yourself and each other. 


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